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San Juan to develop landmark facility for disability sport

Featured image credit: Gobierno de San Juan

The Argentinian province of San Juan has claimed it will develop the first stadium in the world designed specifically for disabled athletes to practice sport.

The new facility’s foundation stone was laid at a ceremony held yesterday (Thursday). It will be located within the Ciudad Parque de los Deportes of the provincial capital, San Juan, adjacent to the Estadio del Bicentenario, Velódromo Vicente Chancay, which is about to open, and a new skate park that is due to be developed on the site.

Designed as a multi-sport facility, the arena will specifically focus on indoor sports such as volleyball, handball, futsal and gymnastics.

San Juan’s Governor, Sergio Uñac, said: “The people of San Juan decided to turn the page to make a province for everyone. 

“This arena for people with disabilities is a source of pride for the people of San Juan, with the national support to obtain the money through international funds so that this arena brings together all the people of San Juan. This is a wide, open and inclusive province, for those who want to visit us.”

Matías Lammens, Argentina’s Minister of Sports and Tourism, added: “When one has to distribute state resources or make an important decision, we think of San Juan because every time it comes up with a new project, a big event that puts Argentina in the eyes of the world.

“The Estadio Multipropósito para Deporte Adaptado will be carried out with international funds. It is no coincidence that San Juan has been chosen. It is a prize for all San Juan residents who believed in this sports revolution proposed by the Governor.”