Grimsby Town director John Fenty has said he is confident work on the football club’s new stadium will progress faster after the English League Two team received confirmation of its preferred site at Peaks Parkway.

According to the Grimsby Telegraph newspaper, the decision came when a move to call in the site was rejected by councillors on the Regeneration, Environment and Housing Security Panel.

Fenty said that land at Peaks Parkway will now be secured on a long-term lease, but did not identify who the exact owners of the site would be.

“I’m really pleased that the call-in has been rejected,” Fenty told the newspaper. “I’m not surprised of course, there's little else where people could go. It's all been looked at, re-sited and looked at again, so I’m very pleased now.

“Full council now will debate that, and I believe it will now make quicker progress because it's clearly a signal that the council are on board.

“Ultimately, it’s a community stadium, it doesn’t matter who owns it. It will be on land that is leased from the council – that's the understanding we’ve got so far.

“The key thing is it’s on a basis that we’ve previously discussed, that at this moment needs to remain between the club and the council because it’s not ready for public consumption. But we know where we are going on that, and ultimately it doesn’t matter who owns it.

“It will be a massive benefit to the area, and I’m sure ultimately people will welcome it with open arms.”