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Panasonic introduces state-of-the-art Wi-Fi solution for venues

Multinational electronics company Panasonic has launched a new Wi-Fi solution designed to boost fan experience at large sports and entertainment venues.

The firm said Everest Network Solutions requires only one third the wireless hardware of the more traditional legacy systems, with access points mounted on structures rather than under seats. The system can serve up to 500 simultaneous client engagements from one access point.

Everest access points feature four 802.11 ac Wave 2 compliant radios and the system pairs these radio resources with software-controlled antenna systems, which Panasonic said creates the “ideal conditions” for effective MIMO and MU-MIMO communications.

In addition, Panasonic said that the Basecamp user control interface will provide “easy, intuitive system setup, management and analytics”.

Jim Doyle, president of the firm’s Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company arm, said: “With Everest, we are literally changing the fan experience. Ultra-high density wireless presents a significant set of engineering challenges.

“Our system offers increased throughput, the greatest number of simultaneous engagements per access point and a significant reduction in hardware and installation costs.”

Rob Smithers, chief executive of Miercom, which carried out rigorous testing on the new system, added: “We conducted the tests over a three-month period, comparing these to APs from well-established Wi-Fi manufacturers, and found the subject access points to outperform the competing vendors’ products in every test we conducted.

“Our independent testing confirmed Panasonic’s four-radio solution hands down provides the greatest scalability and performance for high density environments compared to all of the dual band two radio solutions.”