MLS’ Earthquakes to boost fan experience at Avaya Stadium with Mobilitie

Major League Soccer team San Jose Earthquakes has joined forces with Mobilitie on an initiative to enhance the experience of visitors to the club’s Avaya Stadium.

Mobilitie has designed and installed a cellular wireless network that includes over 150 small, digital antennas, remote unit and other network components. These have been placed discreetly near field lights, structural beams and other fan-facing locations.

In addition, Mobilitie has installed a neutral-host distributed antenna system (DAS), a small antennae and radio solution that it said will offer added capacity and capability, as well as improve cellular coverage into hard-to-reach at both indoor and outdoor locations.

The cellular network at the stadium is now capable of delivering streaming video and voice, as well as offering high-bandwidth mobile application connectivity and an improved communications experience for fans.

Christos Karmis, president of Mobilitie, said: “Mobilitie is the top provider of communications networks at sports venues across the country because our priority is delivering a system that ‘wows’ its users and our clients.

“Our networks bring a level of connectivity and speed that fans notice and appreciate as they upload photos, use social media, watch video or use other applications.

“Furthermore, by working closely with our clients, we’re able to design and build networks that not only address cellular usage today but what is anticipated in the future.”

Karmis added: “Mobilitie is building DAS and small-cell networks across the country, giving stadiums, arenas, property owners, and communities enhanced wireless, broadband networks that deliver a better user experience.

“The result is a robust wireless solution today that also stays ahead of wireless demand, maximises current 4G LTE technology, and is the foundation for future 5G networks.”

Image: Jbburgess0