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Qatar 2022 workers praise cooling tech

Construction workers at Lusail Stadium, a Qatar 2022 Fifa World Cup venue, have hailed the cooling technology provided to them to help with the hot working temperatures.  

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) provided 150 construction employees with evaporative cooling vests, wrist-wraps, cooled towels and neck covers to test.

The technology helped to cool the body temperatures of the workers by up to 10 degrees, and temperatures on-site reached 40°C during the pilot.

Every worker who took part in the recent pilot described the technology as beneficial, while more than three-quarters said the cooling effect was ‘very good’, according to the SC.

Workers tested the technology for a full day, during which they were regularly monitored. Thermal images were taken throughout the test to measure the body temperature of the workers and measure the effectiveness of the technology.

Rashid Marera, who currently works as a flag man on the project, said: “The vests are very good. The jacket cools the body – there’s not much sweating when we wear these. I think we would like to have these all the time – especially during summer.”

Kalyan Viswanathan, HBK Contracting’s Workers’ Welfare Manager, said: “The initial response was positive – the workers like the comfort. It enables them to work better and increases productivity.”

Images: SC