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Pyeongchang 2018 claims first with hospitality lounge

The New Horizons Lounge in Gangneung Olympic Park officially opened over the weekend as the Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympic Games got underway in South Korea.

The lounge is the centrepiece of the New Horizons Hospitality Program, which the Pyeongchang 2018 organising committee (POCOG) has created to support its ticketing initiatives and enhance the spectator experience at the Games, which run until February 25.

The lounge provides spectators from around the world with hospitality packages. The New Horizons Hospitality Program combines premium tickets with access to both the Gangneung Olympic Park lounge and in-venue hospitality spaces.

“In the past, Olympic hospitality has been extended to guests of marketing partners. This represents the first time an organising committee has offered a ticket and hospitality program to fans on a global basis,” said Eom Chan-wang, POCOG’s director general of marketing. “We hope this type of in-venue hospitality program lives on as a legacy of our Games and that the next organising committees continue to build upon the level of spectator experience we have provided.”

Jet Set Sports was selected to flesh out the concept of the hospitality program. As the official supporter of in-venue consumer hospitality services for the Games, Jet Set Sports used its experience of providing hospitality at 19 Olympics to develop the program and design the New Horizons Lounge.

The New Horizons Lounge is located inside Gangneung Olympic Park and provides fans with services both before and after events. Five world-renowned chefs have been hired to provide international cuisine for spectators during the Games.

The New Horizons Hospitality Program includes three tiers of hospitality packages – bronze, silver and gold. They are distinguished by their increasing quality of seating sections and hospitality, and offer tickets to popular events at some of the best seats in Olympic venues. The program also provides access to the New Horizons Lounge or in-venue hospitality lounges, depending on the level of the package.

Image: Republic of Korea