10 Best Practices For deploying a ticketing system

SecuTix is a Global provider of a Ticketing Engagement Platform that helps organisations boost ticket sales and enhance audiences’ experience before, during and after events.

They have created an ebook about best practice for deploying a ticket system in sports, culture and live entertainment.

Implementing a ticketing system – whether in sports, culture or live events – can be challenging.

It’s not only about the selection of the technology platform and the business partner you’ll work with, but it involves multiple stakeholders and disciplines within your company, such as sales, marketing, operations and IT.

A ticketing system affects existing business processes and impacts the way people work. It requires the cooperation and adoption by end users, and can also affect how you work with external partners and distributors.

This e-book accumulates best practices accumulated from dozens of ticketing project implementations across multiple industries, including sports clubs, museums, theaters. It provides you with practical tips on how to avoid various planning and implementation pitfalls so that you minimise your risks and ensure a successful ticketing system deployment.

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