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Plans revealed for ‘vegetated’ Paris 2024 Olympic venue

SCAU Architectes has put forward plans to transform the Stade Hunebelle in the Clamart region of Paris into a ‘vegetated’ venue that could feature during the French capital’s hosting of the 2024 summer Olympic Games.

The Paris-based company hopes to revamp and expand the multi-use stadium at a cost of around €41m ($49.2m/£36.2m), with a focus on tying in the venue with a forest that lies next to Clamart.

The initial proposal includes covering the stadium in a green mass of vegetation, with early computer images showing how the venue would blend in with the adjacent forest.

According to Arch Daily, skylights and light channels would be placed across the green façade and, by combining these with mirrored glass surfaces, this would allow light to flood into the interior spaces.

Visitors will be able to watch sports events through these glass surfaces, while at night, the space will illuminate as the mirroring effect is reversed.

Facilities planned for the redeveloped site include a bowling alley, game room, gymnasium, athletics hall and park – all of which would be placed underground so as to fit in with the project’s green image.

Subject to approval, SCAU Architectes said it hopes to complete the project by 2024, which would free up the venue to play a part in the Paris 2024 Games.

Images: SCAU Architectes