Herta Security has attracted praise from across the industry for its work on a biometric security project at a sports stadium in Uruguay.

The main goal of the initiative was to stop football hooligans from entering major stadia across the country.

Herta implemented its biometric technology to scan everyone entering the venue and flags the faces of unauthorised individuals that are featured on watch lists.

The company worked in partnership with the Uruguayan Football Association, VMS provider Wavestore and various other companies on the project.

Such has been the success of the initiative that Herta picked up the ‘Best Latin American Security Project’ at the recent Latin American Security Association ALAS Management Summit.

Alex Collado-Castell, chief technology officer at Herta US, led the project and said the technology was able to “detect and identify 99 per cent of the subjects in the database”.

“We are very proud of our performance and to be able to protect people and families at football matches,” he added.

Image: Herta