Gfinity and Ove Arup & Partners have joined forces to design what they say will be the “world’s most advanced integrated esports facility”.

Esports solutions provider Gfinity will work with creative organisation Arup to develop a blueprint for a “scalable, specialist playing, watching, training, learning and broadcast facility”.

The two companies said the new venue will be suitable for gamers “of all levels” to come together, share their experiences and compete with one another.

This will include featuring learning, fitness and nutritional centres at the venue, as well as residential spaces where thousands of aspirational professionals can come learn their craft.

Recent research from Newzoo suggests that over 1.93 billion people around the world are gamers, with 368 million members of the esports community. Newzoo has also said that the number of people competing in and watching esports is growing 17 per cent year-on-year.

Garry Cook, executive chairman of Gfinity, said: “The esports professional and aspiring amateur learning their craft have similar needs to their counterparts in a host of other sports.

“Environments that optimise their ability to play and train to their highest potential is the difference between winning and losing.

“We will draw on our experiences of owning and managing Europe’s first esports arena in London and engage with our community, which numbers tens of millions of passionate esports players and fans, to hear what they have to say.”

Chris Dite of Arup added: “The focus of the project is to create facilities that exceed the expectations of the professional players, the aspirational professionals, the amateurs who want to compete in a fun, safe environment and the fans who support their teams. No one understands this audience better than Gfinity.”

Image: SteelSeries