SubAir System developer slams cricket officials over wash-outs

Cricket World Cup officials have been advised that a vacuum-powered suction system could have prevented three out of four wash-outs at this year’s tournament.

Great SportsTech Ltd (GSL), based in India, said its SubAir System has helped to eradicate cancellations and delays due to rain after being introduced at the 40,000-capacity M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru two years ago. A recent match between SunRisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders was concluded even though almost 10 mm of rain had fallen in less than three hours.

The SubAir System is a vacuum-powered suction system that is designed to drain rainwater faster than it can rain – removing water 36 times faster than by gravity.

“With such a technology, at least three of the four abandoned matches could have had a curtailed game,” a GSL spokesperson said.

“Just in the last couple of years, many international games like the T20 in Hyderabad (India-Australia), the test matches in Durban, Port of Spain, Hamilton, where just a wet outfield – and no active rain – caused massive disruptions and eventual cancellation of the games, the use of SubAir could have enabled the matches to resume.

“With billions of dollars invested and the fanatical following by a billion fans, it is needless to say that the SubAir System is more of a necessity than a luxury right now and that it should be mandated to be installed in all the stadiums that host international cricket.”

As well as the vacuum mode, the SubAir System can also improve the growth of grass and roots in pressure mode, which assists the movement of air upwards through the profile for soil aeration.

Hyderabad-based GSL is the exclusive licensee for SubAir Systems for cricket.

Image: Dun.can