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English-style football stadium to feature in Paris’s Bauer District

French development group Réalités has won a contract to build an ambitious new multi-purpose stadium project in Paris that will be the new home of local football club Red Star.

Réalités, along with Scau Architecture, Clement Blanchet Architecture and design agency Saguez & Partners, will lead the ‘Bauer District’ venture centred on a facility of between 10,000 and 15,000 seats that will aim to take its design inspiration from English football stadia.

Red Star, one of French football’s most historic clubs, was relegated to the third-tier Championnat National last season but has long-term aspirations of reaching the top-tier Ligue 1 by 2024. The stadium will be developed on the site of the existing Stade Bauer, and plans to be completed by 2023.

For this to happen, the suburb of Saint-Ouen, owner of the Stade Bauer, will have to agree to sell the stadium to the developers, with Le Parisien newspaper reporting that the privately-financed projected is expected to cost €180m (£161m/$203.8m).

The wider Bauer District is intended to be designed in a “Brooklyn spirit” with around 40,000m² of mixed-use development including shops, offices and collaborative workspaces, health centres, leisure and entertainment areas. It also intends to be a cultural and artistic destination through the development of a concert hall with a capacity of 200 to 300 people, recording studios and a bar/restaurant.

The new-look Stade Bauer could also play a part in the capital’s staging of the 2024 summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Yoann Choin-Joubert, CEO of Réalités, said: “With this victory, Réalités confirms its change of dimension and its positioning as a territorial developer.

“It’s based on the dialogue with all the stakeholders that the group led by Réalités designed, step by step, the Bauer District project. And it is by continuing to mobilise all actors that it will come true. This project will be the new home of the mythical club of Red Star and, certainly, more than just a stadium.”

Olivier Saguez, designer and founder of Saguez & Partners, added: “We developed this project to have multiple uses, first for residents and Audoniens as a whole. We therefore favoured the content, i.e. the programming, before the building so that it is a lively place from morning to evening, weekdays and weekends.

“That’s the challenge. In Saint-Ouen, there is fertile ground for major events and local initiatives, cultural or sports, to intersect and be even richer.”

Images: Réalités