Luxury car seat maker Recaro’s Japanese stadium debut

Fans at Yafuoku! Dome in Fukuoka can now enjoy a new level of comfort after the installation of high-spec seats by luxury automobile specialist RECARO.

The Germany-headquartered manufacturer, whose seats are used in cars such as Porsche, has added 79 seats at the 40,000-capacity arena, which is home to baseball team Fukuoka Softbank Hawks and stages major concerts.

The seats have headrests and “a shape that makes it feel like the entire body is being embraced”. With the arena unable to develop special spectator areas such as family and barbecue spaces because of its various different uses, the RECARO seats give an opportunity to offer a VIP experience at a higher price.

“It’s an honour for us to be selected by Yafuoku! Dome and multiple champions Fukuoka Softbank Hawks as their premium seat supplier,” said Mitsuhiro Maeguchi, marketing manager at RECARO Automotive Seating in Japan.

“These stadium seats are based on a RECARO automotive concept seat developed for a Japanese automaker. Together with the Hawks we exclusively designed the seats, featuring the team’s colours and logo.”

The installation at Yafuoku! Dome is the first of its kind for RECARO in Japan.

“We consider this activity as a brand promotion in Japan,” a RECARO spokesperson told TheStadiumBusiness.

“We strongly believe in our brand and our products which provide stadium operators with an outstanding quality and value.”

RECARO Automotive Seating has eight global locations in Germany (Kaiserslautern and Kirchheim/Teck), Poland (Skarbimierz), Slovakia (Žilina), North America (Plymouth and Detroit, Michigan), Mexico (Lerma), and Japan (Higashiomi).

Images: RECARO Automotive Seating