PTI Consulting aids Connacht Rugby’s data monetisation strategies

Irish Pro14 rugby union team Connacht has praised the “crucial” work done by PTI Consulting in helping the club with data monetisation strategies to gain a better understanding of its fan base and increase commercial revenues.

PTI Consulting has been engaged to review the role technology can play in delivering a commercial return for Connacht’s proposed new stadium and high-performance development, including the assessment of data use and technological infrastructure.

PTI Consulting’s data monetisation solution has supported Connacht in reviewing all existing data processes and technology vendor selection and the company has outlined the key pillars that can drive data monetisation.

Connacht secured full planning permission for the redevelopment of its Sportsground stadium back in May. The €30m (£25.8m/$33.4m) project will include a full redevelopment of the stadium, expanding capacity from 8,000 to 12,000.

Connacht Rugby’s data and digital manager, John Murphy, said: “We feel that PTI Consulting are an ideal service provider of data monetisation solutions to Connacht Rugby. They have a team of consultants who have been there and done it in sporting contexts so they were quickly able to speak our language and adapt to our constraints whilst delivering value.

“Understanding our customer data is crucial to our strategy to engage the local community and create deeper, more valuable relationships.”

The full case study can be found on the PTI Consulting website.

Image: PTI Consulting