Huawei delivers tech solutions at St. Jakob Park

Chinese technology company Huawei has teamed up with St. Jakob Park in Basel, Switzerland to provide advanced cloud management architecture powered by Wi-Fi 6 technologies.

St. Jakob Park, which serves as the home of FC Basel, required an advanced Wi-Fi network to deliver full wireless coverage and achieve secure connections across the venue.

Huawei’s cloud management platform allows network devices to gain access to application management tools, network planning and optimisation, device monitoring, network service configuration and value-added services. The platform has allowed St. Jakob Park’s technical team to better handle complex network planning, operations and maintenance.

Huawei AP7060DN APs (access points) were introduced in shops, restaurants and parking lots to provide indoor coverage across the stadium complex, with AP8050DN and AP8150DN APs providing additional coverage outside.

Huawei’s USG6680 firewall will also provide security for St. Jakob Park by integrating a virtual private network, intrusion prevention, antivirus, data leak prevention, bandwidth management, anti-DDoS (distributed denial of service), URL filtering and anti-spam.

The Huawei Wi-Fi 6 network allows up to 400 users to be connected to a single AP at the same time. The company’s cloud-based wireless local area network planning tool enables St. Jakob Park technical staff to shorten project delivery time to one day instead of three and reduce the time needed for fault diagnosis from four hours to 30 minutes.

St. Jakob Park has a capacity of almost 40,000 and served as a host venue during the 2008 UEFA European Football Championships. It also hosted the 2016 UEFA Europa League Final.

Image: FC Basel