Iinside seeks to address COVID-19 challenges with SafeDistance tech

US indoor motion analytics company iinside has released a new service designed to help public venues, including sports arenas, safely re-open amid COVID-19.

SafeDistance is a free upgrade to iinside’s existing offerings for monitoring and analysing crowd density in public spaces. Built on top of the Anaheim-headquartered company’s iQueue technology used for monitoring and analysing passenger flows at airport security checkpoints, iQueue SafeDistance utilises 3D LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology to help monitor and mitigate crowding and congestion, and maintain safe distancing within venues.

LiDAR sensors are placed throughout venues and facilities to capture the data necessary for SafeDistance to predict or identify over-crowding and trigger an alert to venue and facility managers.

Building and facility managers can access historical heat maps that highlight zones where crowd spacing falls below configurable parameters, or track real-time spacing between sports fans to help manage safe social distancing.

“We recognise that the world will be a very different place once shelter-at-home mandates are lifted and public venues re-open,” said Sam Kamel, CEO of iinside. “We wanted to do our part to help restore the public’s confidence in going to the airport, a sports arena, or any other venue.

“By providing venue and facility managers with real-time crowd density information and predictive analytics, they can take immediate action to uphold proper social spacing. We also believe that making SafeDistance metrics available to the public will restore confidence in venues where indoor social distancing parameters are being properly maintained.”

Image: iinside