4Front and Prismview develop screen solutions for fan-less venues

Tech solutions suppliers 4Front and Prismview are in talks with several major US teams over new big screen projects and content designed specifically for fan-less events.

4Front, a leader in analytics, innovation and technologies in the sports and entertainment marketing industry, will work exclusively with Samsung-owned Prismview, a supplier of indoor and outdoor LED display solutions.

The two US-based companies aim to provide teams and leagues an interactive video solution to improve the visual experience for athletes, broadcasters, fans and sponsors at behind-closed-doors events.

The two plan to erect LED video screens in prominent areas of a venue where fans would usually be sat such as in the front rows of the stands. Content that can be delivered would include live feeds of fans, advertising and other content opportunities.

4Front told TheStadiumBusiness they are in active conversations with major teams and leagues to implement the solutions at arenas across the US.

“4Front developed an innovative concept and solution for fan-less engagement,” said Don Szczepaniak, president and CEO of Prismview.

“Prismview has the manufacturing expertise and capabilities, and strong interest in developing relationships with innovative companies providing unique solutions to creatively support the need for fan entertainment, and revenue-generating opportunities.

“This mutual collaboration and exclusive partnership brings together the strengths of both companies to help the sports and entertainment sector innovative during this time.”

The collaboration brings together Prismview LED display products with 4Front’s portfolio of analytics, digital and innovation services.

4Front works with major US sports teams such as Las Vegas Raiders, Texas Rangers and Detroit Red Wings as well as UFC, NCAA and IMG College. Prismview has installed display solutions at major sports venues such as Atlanta Hawks’ State Farm Arena, Baltimore Ravens M&T Stadium and Utah Jazz’s Vivint SmartHome Arena.

“4Front’s passion is to drive incremental revenue for teams and leagues through our data, digital and innovative platforms and strategies,” said Josh Kritzler, co-founder of 4Front.

“We’re beyond thrilled to combine our capabilities with the manufacturing and expertise of Prismview, to offer unrivalled industry solutions to the market using a new concept of ‘displays as a service’ model.”