49ers claim first with light therapy space

The San Francisco 49ers NFL American football team has entered into a partnership with light therapy products manufacturer Joovv, through which a next-generation recovery room will be built inside Levi’s Stadium.

Joovv will serve as the official light therapy partner of the 49ers, which will become the first professional sports team to build a dedicated light therapy recovery space at its facility. The Joovv Recovery Room will be built adjacent to the 49ers’ locker room at Levi’s Stadium.

Players will have access to the dedicated light therapy room for recovery immediately after games or practice. The 49ers’ health and performance team started using Joovv products with players ahead of the 2019 season and the partnership has since been expanded to cover the team’s daily training and recovery routine.

Elliot Williams, the 49ers’ director of functional performance, said: “Being from the belief that balance is the key to efficient and energetic movement, our daily use of Joovv products set our athletes up for success.

“Light therapy allows us to provide a player’s body with an extremely valuable resource that is proven to support the body’s natural inflammation process, increase cellular regeneration and aid in sleep optimisation, three main aspects of recovery that ensure our players are at their best for game day.”

Light therapy has been proven to have benefits for muscle recovery and blood circulation and reduce the body’s inflammation. Joovv’s products provide users with the choice between red light, near infrared light, or both.

Wes Pfiffner, director of marketing at Joovv, added: “We are excited to partner with a storied franchise like the 49ers, and we’re 100 per cent committed to making the Joovv Recovery Room the best recovery experience in professional sports.

“Healthy light exposure is such an integral part of maximising performance and recovery that we feel this is just the start of what’s possible. Our partnership signifies a new era and standard for how athletes perform and recover.”

Image: San Francisco 49ers