Sanfrecce outlines vision for Hiroshima Stadium Park

J-League Division 1 football club Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC has released a new short video of their proposed stadium to be built within Hiroshima Central Park.

The new video has been posted on the club’s special website dedicated to providing information related to the Hiroshima Stadium Park Project in which the football stadium is seen as the key element.

The new video, which was produced by the club to give fans and residents an idea of how the new stadium would sit inside the metropolitan park, gives a virtual tour of the facility. Sanfrecce said the images shown on the video are not final as the official bidding process for the architectural design, as well as construction, will take place after next year. However, some of the facilities depicted in the video do reflect the values the club shares.

The club said in a statement: “We produced this video presentation so that we can convey our Stadium Park Project in a way so that everyone can visualise what it is about. We believe our Stadium Park will further revitalise Hiroshima and we will keep posting more information as it becomes available through our dedicated website.”

Through the virtual tour in the video, fans and supporters can see the geographical location of where the stadium will be located, how they can enter the stadium in the park, greenery in the public space, and how the area will be a popular place to be throughout the year with the use of the riverside park on the western side.

Images: Sanfrecce Hiroshima

Article provided by The Stadium Hub