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The PTI Digital Transformation Pyramid

PTI Digital gives us the lowdown on its strategic approach to digital transformation…

We wrote recently about the need for our industry to embrace the concept of digital transformation and understand fully what it means.

At PTI Digital we have built an end-to-end model that enables our clients to effect wholesale change to their business through harnessing the power of digital and technology, at a pace that works for them. PTI view the process as an evolutionary revolution: the endgame is transformational but we approach it in a pragmatic fashion which dovetails with our clients’ own priorities and financial planning process. This is indeed the P of PTI – pragmatic.

PTI’s unique model cuts across its three core pillars – Commercial Services, Data & Digital and Venue Tech – and ensures a seamless journey from business vision to execution with a single throat for our clients to choke. We tailor our approach to suit whilst ensuring at all times that our approach is modular, meaning that we are constantly building towards your vision without the need to start again or retrace our steps.

There are some fundamental truths about the limitations of the traditional sports commercial model. These weaknesses have been exposed by the COVID crisis and make the need for an alternative approach at this time absolutely necessary:

  • The match/event day model is finite, limited by venue capacity and number of events
  • What if you could engage your audiences year round, wherever they are?
  • Rather than convincing them to come to you 20-30 times a year, they come to you anytime
  • Every time you engage, you collect more information about them
  • Imagine those insights enabling a more personal customer experience, greater satisfaction, retention and advocacy
  • Imagine those insights driving new revenue streams and business diversification
  • Imagine an always-on, personalised platform at the heart of your sponsorship proposition

This is digital transformation.

And it doesn’t matter where you are on the journey and how you started. You may even have done it without meaning to due to operational needs.

In an ideal world, you would begin by understanding “why?”. Too many rush straight into the “what?” without first understanding what the question is they are trying to answer. Our pyramid model provides context for all your commercial, marketing, data, digital and technology activity and investment considerations and allows you to map your journey over a period of time with which you feel most comfortable.

The strategic approach enables you to filter what adds value and what doesn’t, prioritises decision making and critically, allows you to approach such decisions thinking about investment rather than cost, thus negating our industry’s natural tendency towards inertia.

Our approach ensures that every component is integrated – each contributing to and benefitting from the pyramid – and ensuring that there is no requirement for every investment decision to have its own ROI: it is clear how spend in one part of the model drives value elsewhere. Indeed “value” need not always be defined in direct revenue terms. Our approach comes with a fully-costed short and long-term payback model.

“Digital Transformation” may seem daunting but in basic terms it is the application of strategy, turbo-charged by the possibilities of data and digital technology. It is not an overnight process but by starting the journey, you are already ahead of 99% of your competitors.

PTI are going to be talking a lot more about our Digital Transformation Pyramid in the weeks to come as we announce a number of hugely exciting new client projects. If you would like to understand more about how we can help you, please contact ben.wells@ptidigitalgroup.com