Malmö moves forward with stadium regeneration project

The City of Malmö has progressed long-term plans to transform the former home of Malmö FF into an “open and green district” for sports and education in the centre of the Swedish city.

Malmö Stadion served as the home of Malmö FF from when it opened for Sweden’s staging of the 1958 FIFA World Cup through to when the club moved into the new Eleda Stadion in 2009.

The stadium area, which incorporates both venues, is Malmö’s foremost place for sports and events. Since Malmö Stadion opened in 1958 the area has been developed and expanded in several rounds of work.

The future design and development of the stadium area has been investigated for a long time within the City of Malmö. In the plan program adopted by the City Council in 2019, there is a timetable for the full redevelopment of the area by 2030. The proposal is based on Malmö Stadion being demolished in the future, according to a decision from the municipal board in 2015.

In December 2020, the City Council commissioned the municipal board to, in consultation with the relevant committees, produce a proposal for financing and implementation for stage two, the ‘Sports Quarter’ in the northern part of the stadium area.

The development of the stadium area is driven by the City of Malmö and is being implemented in stages. The ongoing stage involves the development of the Sports Quarter with a new multi-purpose sports hall, offices, concept housing, a park and public square.

The City Council yesterday (Thursday) approved a proposal for the implementation and financing of the Sports Quarter, adding that work will soon begin on a detailed plan and land allocation procedure.

A collaboration has also been initiated with Malmö FF and a letter of intent means that the club can grow its activities in the new area. Niclas Carlnén, CEO of Malmö FF, told Swedish broadcaster SVT: “For us, this is very important. We have started with girls’ and women’s activities and now that we are growing, we need additional space.”

In two years, the northern grandstand of Malmö Stadion will begin to be demolished in favour of the new sports hall in the area’s second construction phase. After that, the southern part is intended to be demolished.

“In stage three, we will see a new training facility and we are looking at a new swimming arena,” Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, Mayor of Malmö Municipality, said.

Image: City of Malmö