Arena MRV to utilise facial recognition technology

Arena MRV, the future home of Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A football club Atlético Mineiro, will employ facial recognition technology to aid access to the stadium.

Atlético has agreed a partnership with Brazilian technology company Imply to deploy its access control products.

The solution will mark a first for Brazilian stadia through utilising the most modern access validation technologies integrated with facial recognition, biometrics, NFC, Bluetooth, RFID and QR codes.

With facial recognition access validation integrated into the ticket sales system, fans will be able to authenticate their faces and access what is envisioned to be the most modern stadium in Latin America in a contactless way, without carrying a physical ticket.

Imply’s system has anti-fraud features, managing access in accordance with the strictest security requirements. Atlético will be provided with centralised information to protect and monitor access control operations.

The platform offers data analytics to aid stadium operations and personalise the fan experience. Leandro Evangelista, chief information officer of Atlético Mineiro and Arena MRV, said: “We always think about the comfort and convenience of fans, which is why Arena MRV has the ambition to be the most modern in Latin America.

“The partnership with Imply is the certainty that we are offering the most modern access control in the market for Atlético fans.”

Work began on the 46,000-seat Arena MRV in April 2020, with the stadium, which was given the green light in December 2019, located in the northwest region of Belo Horizonte. The stadium is expected to open in March 2023.

In March 2021, Arena MRV agreed a partnership with professional services company Accenture to aid the goal of delivering a stadium that offers the best technological experience in Latin America.

Image: Arena MRV