Work commences on Nagasaki Stadium City

The cornerstone laying ceremony for the construction of Nagasaki Stadium City Project, a private regional development project spearheaded by major Japanese retailer Japanet Holdings, headquartered in Sasebo, has been held at the proposed site in Saiwaimachi, Nagasaki City.

According to local newspaper Nagasaki Shimbun, the president of Japanet, Akito Takata, announced that it aims to complete the project in September 2024. The project, which is to be built on an area of 75,000 square metres, will feature a football stadium, with an adjacent arena, hotel, offices and commercial wing.

The project was originally estimated to cost JPY70bn (£427.4m/€493.6m), but due to changes to planning and the rising cost of materials the final cost is estimated to exceed JPY80bn.

Some 300 people, including Takata, Nagasaki Governor Kengo Oishi and Nagasaki City Mayor Tomihisa Tanoue attended the ceremony. A  Shinto ceremony was also held to pray for safe construction. From Dejima Messe Nagasaki in Onoue Machi, Japanet announced it has enlisted the Nagasaki-born musician Masaharu Fukuyama to work as creative producer, promoting the project throughout Japan.

In a live broadcast from the historic Glover Garden in the city centre, Fukuyama explained: “I really hope that the Nagasaki City Stadium Project will be a turning point in the city’s history as it moves toward the future. This is why I decided to attend from the Glover Garden.”

The ‘N Team’ was announced as the project’s slogan, with Fukuyama stating that he wants it to become a place where you can express yourself naturally.

Takata added: “Mr. Fukuyama has a real desire to bring excitement to Nagasaki, and with the help of everyone involved will create a feeling of excitement for the future of the city.”

Image: Nagasaki Stadium City Project

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