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Funding pulled for new Bathurst circuit

Featured image credit: Kytabu/CC BY-SA 4.0/Edited for size

Featured image credit: Kytabu/CC BY-SA 4.0/Edited for size

The Bathurst Regional Council has announced that the Australian Federal Government has withdrawn funding for the development of a second motorsport circuit at Mount Panorama.

The existing Mount Panorama Circuit is one of Australia’s most famous motorsport tracks and hosts events across a number of series, including the TCR World Tour and Supercars.

Plans for the new circuit were first revealed in 2018, with UK-based Apex Circuit Design having worked on the layout. The council had been set to receive two grants of A$10m (£5.4m/€6.3m/$6.8m) and A$2.5m, which would be put towards construction of a new track by June 2026.

However, Mayor Robert Taylor has said that the council sought to repurpose the funds into the growth and development of current facilities at Mount Panorama.

Mayor Taylor said: “Unfortunately, we were advised this didn’t align with the intent of the original grant funding.

“The project is on hold for now, but the council strongly supports development of the second circuit and will continue to work with both the Federal and State Governments and other stakeholders to make it happen.”

The council has also received A$5m and A$10m in funding commitments from the State Government in New South Wales. The A$5m grant was used to fund the design and documentation that were prepared as part of the development application process.

A report on the matter will be presented to the council at a meeting on June 21.