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Atlético takes Arena MRV into the metaverse

Featured image credit: Arena MRV

Atlético Mineiro has announced the launch of what it claims will be a pioneering venture for the global sports market designed to take the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A football club and its new stadium, Arena MRV, into several metaverse platforms.

‘Galoverso’ will debut by launching in the Fortnite video game, and is expected to become fully available in the second half of July. Atlético has partnered on the project with IM, a company which has almost seven years of experience in developing solutions in augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

Débora Saldanha, head of innovation for Atlético Mineiro, said: “We believe that by entering Fortnite and creating a unique virtual space, Atlético will draw attention and attract a profile of supporters and fans of the sport that we do not reach today, in addition to solidifying its position as an innovative leader in the world of sports by recreating the Galo environment in various games and metaverses.”

Atlético said offering a platform on which users can explore the club’s various facilities, its history, interact with other fans, purchase new digital products and participate in gamified activities and exclusive challenges is its initial objective through the venture.

Igor Macedo, CEO and founder of IM, added: “The Galoverso represents a revolution in the world of sports and digital entertainment. Through our partnership with Atlético and Arena MRV, we will explore new frontiers in the Fortnite metaverse, creating an immersive space that transcends football and connects with the passion of fans and players.”

Arena MRV staged its inaugural event in April as around 9,000 fans were given their first look at the 46,000-seat stadium. The Nascimento do Campo (Birth of the Field) event was held under the BH Festival banner and featured concerts and tributes to celebrate the opening of the stadium.

The project broke ground in April 2020 and the stadium was originally expected to be completed last year, but delays in construction pushed this back to mid-2023. It is expected that competitive football will not be held at Arena MRV until August. 

Botafogo teams up with Ecocidade

In other news, Atlético’s fellow Série A club, Botafogo, has agreed a partnership with environmental solutions company Ecocidade.

The agreement intends to reinforce the club’s commitment to promoting sustainability and the adoption of greener practices at the Estádio Olímpico Nilton Santos, which will have a dedicated space for a waste treatment plant focused on composting, recycling and electricity generation.

Botafogo said: “The deal is a starting point for a series of actions that will contribute to preserving the environment and raising awareness about the importance of sustainability in sports. Transforming Nilton Santos into a green area involves implementing several practices that can have a positive impact both on the stadium and on the surrounding community.”

Earlier this month, Botafogo agreed a partnership with Soccer Hospitality that will lead to the development of a new premium hospitality and entertainment space at the Nilton Santos.

The space, entitled FireZone, will be introduced at the Rio de Janeiro venue in July or August and aims to provide modern entertainment with a variety of experiences, both during sports games and other events.