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Nomisma appointed to lead ‘public debate’ on Roma stadium project

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The Roma Capitale local administration has appointed a company to begin public consultations on the proposed new stadium for Italian Serie A football club AS Roma.

The authority said that Bologna-based Nomisma would lead the “public debate” on the stadium, which is slated to be built in the Pietralata district of Rome.

Nomisma will use public consultancy Res Publica, which has experience in gauging public opinion on sports infrastructure projects. Media company FB & Associati will also work on the project.

Nomisma will coordinate a team of 16 specialists on the project, beginning in September, with public engagement set to take place in person and on digital platforms. A date for the final report on the public consultation, which will contain a summary of all opinions on the development, was not given.

In May, the City Council approved a resolution establishing the public interest status of the project.

The Council, or Capitoline Assembly, took the decision with 32 votes in favour and three abstentions. Roma in February hailed the “important step” of its proposed new stadium initially being declared a project of public interest.

The City Council of Rome had approved a resolution granting public interest status to the feasibility study put forward by Roma, stating the project would represent a “strategic intervention” for the overall regeneration and urban redevelopment of Pietralata.

The feasibility study was presented in October, with reports at the time stating that the project is set to come with a total price tag of €582.1m (£505.2m/$637.4m).

The preliminary project presented by Roma covers an area of ​​approximately 20 hectares and envisions the construction of a facility for 55,000 spectators, which can be extended to 62,000. The project includes the construction of parking lots, green areas covering over 15 hectares and cycle/pedestrian paths.

Roma detailed plans to build a new stadium in Pietralata back just over a year ago, stating at the time that the Capitale administrative body “positively acknowledged” the willingness of the club to present a feasibility study.