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Rzeszów appoints partner for athletics stadium project

The City of Rzeszów has fired the starting gun on a project to develop an athletics-focused stadium after selecting Betonox Construction as the developer of the facility.

Podkarpackiego Centrum Lekkiej Atletyki (PCLA) will be built on the site of the current Stadion Resovia and will have a fully covered seating capacity of 7,947. While athletics will be its primary purpose, it will be built to meet the licensing criteria for top-tier Ekstraklasa football and UEFA club competitions. The stadium will also be able to stage cultural events such as concerts.

After receiving six bids, the City selected Betonox’s proposal valuing the project at close to PLN 164m (£32.4m/€37.1m/$39.5m). The Sopot-based company will first need to develop design documentation for the stadium and then build it, with a targeted delivery of autumn 2026.

Konrad Fijołek, Mayor of Rzeszów, said: “Today is a historic day. This is a positive result of the work of many people, both here in the office and from outside, who strongly support this investment.

“Thanks to the support and determination of many people, we managed to complete this project, which was, I must admit, very difficult. For many years, it seemed that this was the kind of investment that people mostly talked about. We managed to complete this task to the point where we have secured the money, selected the contractor and can start implementing the Podkarpackiego Centrum Lekkiej Atletyki.”

The City of Rzeszów will contribute PLN 90m to the project, with the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism adding PLN 60 million, and the local government of the Podkarpackie Province providing PLN 14 million. 

Fijołek added: “Additional funds to complete the tender for PCLA were secured in the Multiannual Financial Forecast by Rzeszów councillors. But we must also clearly emphasise that the city can no longer afford to spend more money on this project. 

“That is why we are making intensive efforts to obtain external money that will support both the budget of this investment and will also help, among others, the development of the area around the stadium, the construction of roads, and maintenance of the facility.”