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Titans offer fresh look at new Nissan Stadium

Featured image credit: MANICA Architecture

The Tennessee Titans have granted a fresh look at the new Nissan Stadium after updated design details were approved.

A Metro Sports Authority board meeting held yesterday (Thursday) saw new design details approved, according to The Tennessean, with the final design expected to be signed off in October. The newspaper said the vision remains true to the original designs for the new home of the NFL franchise in Nashville.

A wide, wraparound, porch-style upper concourse with views of downtown will act as the new Nissan Stadium’s de-facto front door. Neutral, earthy tones will be used throughout the building and expansive views will be experienced by fans.

The Sports Authority in August finalised the appointment of TVS as Architect of Record (AOR) for the stadium project. First announced in May, TVS is working in tandem with the Design Architect, MANICA, to lead the design team through the completion of the stadium design and subsequent administration of construction activity.

“You guys are sitting on top of a really great design that I think will shine not just in Nashville but around the world,” owner and president of MANICA Architecture, David Manica, said yesterday. “These are nice white concourses with incredible views.”

Manica said designers have concentrated on creating strong energy inside the building for games and concerts. Seats will be surrounded by lounge areas and marketplaces.

He added: “Everybody has a better seat in the new stadium than the old stadium. That will create intimacy and excitement. We’ve taken the time to make the interiors feel very Nashville.”

In November, the Titans agreed a 20-year deal with Nissan North America for the automotive company to take on naming rights to the new stadium. The new Nissan Stadium, which will have a capacity of 60,000, is slated for completion in 2027. The facility will be built on the east side of the current Nissan Stadium, which the company has held naming rights to since 2015.

The Titans in August announced the appointment of Tennessee Builders Alliance (TBA), a consortium of local and national firms, to manage construction of the $2.1bn (£1.65bn/€1.92bn) project. TBA comprises construction industry firms including Nashville-based ICF Builders, Brentwood-based Polk & Associates, Turner Construction Company and AECOM Hunt.

Features of the building include: a circular ETFE translucent roof; exterior porches with panoramic views of Nashville; improved sightlines for all spectators through a range of diverse seating experiences; and a 12,000 square foot community space available for use year-round.

Metro Nashville Council issued the final approval for the stadium venture in April. The plan was passed by a vote of 26-12, coming three weeks after the Metro Nashville Sports Authority, the owner and landlord of both the Titans’ current Nissan Stadium and new venue, unanimously approved the agreement.

The new stadium agreement, initially agreed in October 2022, includes a new 30-year lease and non-relocation agreement between the team and the Sports Authority.