Datrium, a leader in tier-one hyperconverged infrastructure for hybrid clouds, has teamed up with NFL American football franchise the San Francisco 49ers.

As the team’s official converged infrastructure provider, Datrium will consolidate the 49ers’ workloads from eight legacy storage arrays and aging servers to two Datrium DVX systems.

The 49ers said that the team has chosen to partner with the company due to its need for a consolidation solution that would improve efficiency and provide the flexibility to grow and adapt in the NFL market.

49ers coaches will benefit from critical video assets for pre-game preparation and instant game-time decision making. Datrium DVX will also support corporate applications, including the scouting database used for maintaining statistics on college and NFL players. Any 49ers data stored on the DVX will be backed up to the company’s built-in back-up catalogue.

Datrium chief executive Tim Page said: “The 49ers are our kind of partner – they get it, they’re ambitious, and they know what it takes to win. Working together means we are figuratively but also literally helping the NFL community and the 49ers move the ball down the field during every game.”

Datrium will also sponsor company events, concerts, 49ers home games and the Bay Area Host Committee for the January 7 College Football Playoff National Championship at Levi’s Stadium (pictured), the 49ers’ home ground.

The team’s vice-president of corporate partnerships, Brent Schoeb, added: “Our organisation is always looking to leverage technology and business strategy to maximise the success of our business operations and that’s why we’re committed to partnering with innovative companies that can impact our business both on and off the field.

“In Datrium, we have found a partner that has the same DNA as us and we look forward to a winning season on the field and in the data centre.”

Image: Jim Bahn