Swansea City chairman Huw Jenkins is open to resuming talks with the local council over the possible expansion of the Liberty Stadium after the Premier League football club was taken over by US businessmen Jason Levien and Steve Kaplan.

The pair completed a takeover, believed to be worth around £100m (€119.6m/$131.2m), of the Welsh outfit last week. One of the priorities of Jenkins, who retained his role as chairman following the acquisition, is to revisit the stadium expansion plans.

Swansea has in the past explored the option of adding 12,000 seats to a ground that has a current capacity of 20,800. The plans were put on hold last December amid negotiations over the ownership of the Liberty Stadium, which is currently the property of Swansea Council.

However, following the completion of the takeover, Jenkins has suggested that talks with the council would resume in the near future.

“As we’ve talked about many times in the past, all Swansea supporters would like to see the stadium expanded,” he said. “But it was always discussed to do it in phases and try and move that forward when we could afford to do that. It was our way of working in the past.

“I think the other side of that is that we’ve got to make sure that, as has been documented previously, the local council is on board and we can find a deal that suits both parties.

“We have met many times and perhaps now with Jason and Steve on board, if we feel it’s right to go down that route again, we’ll meet up and perhaps we can find a solution that suits everybody.”