Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has said the English Premier League football club is hoping to recreate the famous atmosphere of German Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund at its new stadium.

Currently under construction next to the club’s current White Hart Lane home, the new facility will have a capacity of 61,000 and Spurs have promoted it as one of the most modern and innovative stadiums in the world.

In an interview with NBC, Levy said that the club had taken inspiration from a number of American football stadia in the US, as long-term plans include the venue to also host NFL matches once open.

However, Levy also said that he hoped to have a “little bit of Dortmund” in the new facility, referring to the atmosphere at the German’s club’s Westfalenstadion home.

“The first challenge we gave our architects was ‘how can we retain our atmosphere’ that currently exists here [at White Hart Lane] – because it’s a very tight bowl,” Levy said.

“We are five metres closer (to the pitch) from a comparable stadium in north London… so that’s the first thing. The second thing is we’re the only stadium in the UK which will have 17,000 seats in a single stand.”