Beaver Stadium set for major renovation project

Pennsylvania State University has announced that it is to carry out major renovation work at its 106,500-capacity Beaver Stadium – the world’s third biggest sports venue.

The project at the 106,500-capacity venue, which forms part of a wider 20-year athletics facilities plan at the college, will include new concourses, bathrooms, concessions locations and food options, as well as more chairback seating and premium seating.

Although Penn State did not confirm when the project would commence, the college did reveal that work would be conducted over a three- to four-year period within the next five years.


Beaver Stadium is the second largest sports venue in the US, behind just the 107,600-capacity Michigan Stadium, the home of the NFL’s Michigan Wolverines. Its capacity will be reduced to 103,000 while renovation work takes place.

“When you look at Beaver Stadium, we’re talking about some really significant infrastructure needs that stand out, from a concession, concourse, restroom kind of situation; and those are non-negotiables,” Penn State athletics director Sandy Barbour said, according to The Morning Call.

“We need to address that from a fan standpoint. And if you’re going to do that, maybe you look at some of these other amenities that help motivate fans to come to games.”