Fresh doubts have been raised over Perth Stadium’s scheduled hosting of an Ashes Test this December after it was confirmed that tickets will not go on sale for the cricket match at the same time as those for all other venues.

According to the website, Ashes organisers and officials at the new stadium will make a final decision over the Test in May, which is after tickets go on sale for the Ashes matches at other venues in Australia.

Last year, Cricket Australia announced that the 60,000-capacity Perth Stadium would host an Ashes match. However, the new venue was not officially due to open its doors until 2018, with the Ashes Test to run from December 14-18, 2017.

In addition, a footbridge that supporters will use to access the stadium is months behind schedule.

Last week, officials confirmed that drop-in pitches for the stadium have been moved from their preparation grounds to a site outside Perth Stadium. The pitches will be “dropped in” to the venue for cricket matches, and removed when other events take place. However, despite the news, Christina Matthews, chief executive of the Western Cricket Association, did not state whether the venue was on course to host the Ashes Test in December.