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Beovation launches climate-controlled stadium seat cushion

Beovation, a recently founded start-up based in Germany, has launched its stadium seat cushion that can be heated and cooled as needed.

The seat cushion helps fans to focus on the game more as they are able to control the temperature to suit their needs.

The three founders said they saw a growing need for sports properties to provide its customers with a more comfortable experience to compete with the convenience of their living rooms.

“When fans flock to the stadium to watch live sports, they not only do that out of love for the game and their team, but also for the stadium atmosphere – the cheering, the celebrating, the screaming and the unbeatable feeling to not just experience it but to be part of the crowd that is actually creating it,” the Beovation founders said.

“A powerful atmosphere in stadiums sustains the sport and attracts fans who push their teams to a better performance.

“In a similar vein, for fans at home in front of the TV, the atmosphere inside the stadium is very important to make the game enjoyable – probably everyone that has already watched a game on TV, where the stadium was not crowded, instantly agrees.

“However, the convenience of being at home in combination with high-tech entertainment systems keeps taking away fans from the stadium. Therefore, clubs and other owners of sports properties are forced to find innovative solutions to increase the comfort of the arenas to keep fans from staying home.”

Beovation’s unique seating solution can be fully customised and can be extended into VIP areas without having to spend a fortune on new premium seats.

With the portable seat cushion, any place in the stadium can become a VIP area. In addition, the Beovation premium seating package consists of the seat cushion and reusable pads, providing several options for promotional gifts with long-term use to extend the fan journey from the stadium to their homes.

The package can either be given away as a whole or as separate pads as they are reusable and have a wide application of uses.

The company uses recycled and environmentally friendly materials in all its business operations.

Beovation’s website states that its aim is “to provide a sustainable and convenient seating solution, which enhances everyday life for businesses in sports, events, and hospitality industries.”

The website adds: “We are keen to help corporations, clubs, and associations to create an exclusive and memorable customer experience while providing an ideal tool for CSR strategies with a long-lasting impact.”

Beovation, one of TheStadiumBusiness’ top sponsors, is launching its product at TheStadiumBusiness Summit tomorrow (Thursday), along with presenting an exclusive demonstration. TheStadiumBusiness is also Beovation’s global launch partner .