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Eagles fan will pay to replace stolen seat

A Philadelphia Eagles fan has agreed to pay for a replacement seat after he stole a seat from the U.S. Bank Stadium after his team’s famous Super Bowl win on Sunday.

The Eagles beat the odds to see off the New England Patriots in what has been described as one of the biggest upsets in NFL American football Super Bowl history.

This week, a video appeared on social media of a man in the stadium’s coat check area with a seat that had been snapped off its stand. The Star Tribune reports that the same man was later photographed at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport with the seat strapped to his suitcase.

According to ESPN, Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority spokeswoman Jennifer Hathaway said the fan has now agreed to pay the $125 (€102/£90) fee to replace the seat and, as a result, will face no further charges.

“The fan was exuberant and excited and he pulled the chair out,” she said. “This is someone forcibly removing an item that isn’t supposed to be removed.”

A further two seats that were also damaged during the game are also set to be replaced.

Image: SoDakZak on Reddit