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3D Digital Venue pledges to bring fans closer to the action

Getting the best view of the action is one of the most important factors for fans visiting any sort of event. Be it a sports final, a show on London’s West End, or an evening at the Sydney Opera House, they are there to see the performance and location is everything.

The challenge for these fans is to select and buy the ticket that best matches their requirements. This has been an issue when purchasing tickets to certain events, due to the lack of clarity on the website, app or even at the ticket office, with fans often left guessing as to what view they will get.

3D Digital Venue is one of several companies leading the charge on behalf of the paying fan, working with venues, clubs and organisations to develop 3D models of the stadium or theatre to give fans a better idea of what they are paying for.

Clients send over information such as CAD drawings and images to 3D Digital Venue, so its team can create a 3D model of the venue. This is then tailored so that when fans click on a seat, they will see a 3D representation of their in-venue view.

Lluís Pascual, business development EMEA and marketing coordinator, told TheTicketingBusiness: “Our 3D view service offers the customer more of an experience when they are purchasing a ticket to an event. It allows them to see the view they will get if they purchase that ticket, as well as look at alternate views available.

“The main advantages of having a service like this is that the customer will not have any surprises when they get to the venue. So, for example, if you were to buy a ticket to a football final and arrived at the stadium to find your seat was behind a large column that blocked your view, this would not be good.

“We are helping venues, clubs and organisations with the process. Our service means they are much less likely to have complaints from visitors about their view at the event.”

3D Digital Venue is active in 16 countries around the world, including major markets such as the UK, US, Italy and Spain. Pascual said that the company, which works with the likes of the NBA basketball league and Major League Soccer in North America, is able to provide 3D models within four weeks of receiving the information.

“This all depends on the size of a venue and how much information they send across to,” Pascual said. “For an 80,000-seater venue, we would can produce a 3D model in eight weeks, and for smaller sites, such as theatres and opera houses, this can be as quick as four weeks.

3D Digital Venue also counts the likes of Spanish footballing giant Barcelona among its clientele. Pascual said the company is currently working with LaLiga club on new features for its ticket sales system.

“We are making it easier for fans to buy more than one ticket,” Pascual said. “So, fans can pick more than one seat at a time to see how the view differs from seat-to-seat.”