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Design & Development

Project Profile #2: YelloPark

YelloPark will be the 40,000-capacity state-of-the-art new home of FC Nantes, which competes in Ligue 1, the top division of French football. In the second part of our new Project Profile series, Luc Delatour, YelloPark’s project manager, told TheStadiumBusiness about the status and future of the innovative development, with hopes that construction work will begin next year.

TheStadiumBusiness: What is the anticipated cost of the project and when do you expect the stadium to open?

LD: “The budget we have set for the stadium amounts to €200m ($237m), including studies. We are planning to deliver the project in August 2022.”

TheStadiumBusiness: Who are the project’s partners?

LD: “YelloPark brings together two 50:50 shareholders – the Réalités Group, the developer of the urban project, and FC Nantes, the developer of the new stadium.”

TheStadiumBusiness: What is the vision behind the project?

LD: “The aim of the new sports venue is to enable the club to benefit from a new modern and efficient working facility in order to continue to compete in French and European competitions, meeting the expectations and needs of our current and future fans, with more comfort and more services.”

TheStadiumBusiness: Tell us about the design…

LD: “As explained by Tom Sheehan, part of the ATSP/HKS team behind the design, the stadium will offer a new style of architecture. Sheehan said: ‘It will not be convex as usual, but will present eight concave facades, which will form ‘squares’ with different atmospheres for each one. Seen from above it will have a shape that resembles a team badge. The central square, marking the stadium’s grand entrance, will be turned towards the heart of the city’.”

TheStadiumBusiness: What challenges will need to be overcome with the project?

LD: “The first challenge has already been taken on – the challenge of the roof. An oculus 125 metres in diameter will act as a retractable roof in case of bad weather, and its interior facade will have a giant 360-degree screen around the perimeter of the stadium. Other challenges await us, such as the the schedule and the budgetary framework.”

TheStadiumBusiness: What sort of technology will be incorporated into the stadium?

LD: “As part of the new stadium project, several types of technologies are envisaged: a retractable light roof, in the centre of the oculus, offering natural light and air for the grass; a giant 360-degree screen; a reinforced natural playing surface; a next-generation IT network incorporating video surveillance, an access control system and television screens.”

TheStadiumBusiness: What are your hopes for the future of the project?

LD: “While the preliminary consultation phase is ending, we are convinced that this project will only happen by continuing to build within our environment – with the supporters, partners, residents and the community. We have a great challenge to meet: seeing the project get off the ground on time, with the new stadium created in line with our ambitions and the expectations of our fans.”


For more information about the project, visit the development’s official website, YelloPark.fr.