KissCam, LLC, the entertainment, advertising and video/photo messaging company that owns KissCam, has received a US patent for its ‘Contest in the Arena’ initiative.

KissCam is a free video and photo sharing app available on iOS and Android and is used by venues and sports teams to capture fans’ public displays of affection during games.

‘Contest in the Arena’ provides a method and system for collecting, communicating and evaluating digital images of fans. The new patent is for a proprietary mobile app architecture that allows attendees to upload photos in branded frames and participate in contests in specific locations, venues and arenas.

Dana R. Veitch, founder and chief executive of KissCam, LLC, said: “This is a ‘game changer’ for in-arena contests, and KissCam, LLC is the only mobile app granted a patent for this.

“Event organisers have the opportunity to engage with attendees on a deeper level, gain more exposure of their event through social media shares, and generate an additional revenue stream by offering branded sponsorship of the contest.”

The branded photo frames are designed to meet all smartphone specifications and will be available for download during games or events. The technology will be geo-fenced, ensuring that only fans located within a certain distance of the event venue will see the custom frame.

Fans will be required to download the app, place their photo in the custom frame and then submit their image. From here, semi-finalists will be selected, with participants to vote on their favourite photo. The participant whose photo receives the highest number of votes will receive prizes provided by the sponsor.

Image: KissCam