CrowdVision announces merger with iinside

Crowd analytics company CrowdVision has announced that it has merged with indoor motion analytics firm iinside.

The new combined global company, CrowdVision, Inc., will be led by CrowdVision chief executive David Teed. The company will be headquartered in Los Angeles.

The merger is designed to combine the two companies’ services to better serve existing and new customers. The company will deliver data, insights and solutions for smart airport and smart city solutions, including people flow and social distancing at premier client organisations.

CrowdVision helps facilities optimise their capacity use and operate more efficiently while improving the retail and customer experience. The company will draw on iinside’s computer vision capabilities to incorporate Bluetooth, infrared, Wi-Fi and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors into its offering.

CrowdVision and iinside recently announced product upgrades to measure and report on social distancing. Thermal detection capabilities will also be used to help venues screen for guests who may have elevated temperatures, whether COVID-19-related or otherwise.

Teed said: “The merger of CrowdVision and iinside creates an exciting new company with unparallelled customer reach and service. Our company delivers the most complete range of smart technologies for optimising crowded places, enabling clients to not only operate more efficiently, but also to assure safe distancing to help restore consumer confidence as facilities everywhere reopen for business.”

Sam Kamel, chief executive of iinside, added: “Everyone at iinside is excited to be joining forces with the team at CrowdVision. There’s a high level of respect for their technology leadership and vision for creating a multi-sensor data analytics platform.

“We believe the value of LiDAR for indoor solutions is just beginning to unfold. iinside is proud to be the US leader at airport security checkpoints, but that’s just a first step in a much bigger journey. Together, along with CrowdVision’s team and global presence, the combined companies will deliver great value to all our stakeholders.”

Image: PicJumbo.com