PTI Smarter Venues, 3D Digital Venue to support clubs and venues during crisis

PTI Smarter Venues has partnered with 3D Digital Venue to present a combined offer of support to the sports and entertainment sectors during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

The partnership will draw on PTI’s experience in digital transformation and 3D Digital Venues’ Venue Business Intelligence (VBI) offering to explore how technology can lead the way in scenario-planning ticketing for clubs and venues.

VBI looks to support clubs and venues in their decision-making and implementation of new business models in order to maximise ticketing and premium seating revenue through the crisis. The offering will look to support venue owners in achieving the most profitable scenario through reactivation.

VBI can propose new seating layouts for venues which respect the safety and security recommendations of distance. The system also allows for several configurations and to easily adapt to different events through automatic algorithms.

3D Digital Venue launched the VBI service last month as a tool to help stadium and arena management teams achieve “maximum efficiency” when seating their clients.

On the new partnership with 3D Digital Venue, PTI Smarter Venues chief executive Mike Bohndiek said: “3D Digital Venue and PTI have a shared vision of support for the sports and entertainment industry to help clubs and venues deal with the current challenges. As long-time friends as companies, we are delighted to be formally in partnership to bring solutions to the market.”

Both PTI Smarter Venues and 3D Digital Venue have been providing free-of-charge consultancy and products over the past two months following the COVID-19 outbreak.

In March, PTI Smarter Venues launched a competition to support freelance content creators during a period of struggle for the sports and events industries. The competition was launched to assist freelance content creators as the COVID-19 outbreak leads to event postponements and league suspensions.

Francis Casado, co-founder and chief executive of 3D Digital Venue, added: “We are very excited with this new partnership with PTI and we believe it is going to be a fantastic opportunity for 3D Digital Venue. PTI is an experienced company providing high-quality consultancy services to clubs and venues. I am sure we can provide a bundled solution to help clubs and organisations to plan and simulate return to venues post COVID-19. We are really looking forward to working together.”

Image: PTI Smarter Venues