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BDP seeks out US business with New York studio

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (main) and Education City Stadium

Images: BDP

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium (main) and Education City Stadium

Images: BDP

International design practice BDP is targeting the American sports venue marketplace after opening its first US studio in New York.

With its newest city studio now open, the practice is now actively operating in the US market. BDP is seeking to expand its existing business to design some of the USA’s future sports stadia, opening a new chapter for its sports sector group, BDP Pattern (BDP).

Nick Fairham, chief executive at BDP, said: “As a continuous collective of socially conscious designers, we are building on our legacy of people-centred, multidisciplinary design and we are excited to bring our practice to the USA, where we can merge development opportunities, world-class building design and real social value.

“Our unique ability to adapt and problem solve means we are perfectly placed to bring this kind of unique and important thinking to the region. We want to help design places that bring a better, healthier quality of life for people who live in America’s diverse, active and beautiful cities.”

BDP Pattern was formed after BDP strengthened its capabilities in the sports sector with the acquisition of global stadia design specialist, Pattern, in July 2021.

BDP Pattern has designed two of the stadia for the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar – Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayaan and Education City Stadium. At least 55% of the materials used on the projects come from sustainable sources and 28% of construction materials have recycled contents.

Dipesh Patel, principal and head of sport at BDP Pattern (pictured below), added: “BDP has an unrivalled reputation in sports venue design and we are excited to bring our UK and international experience to the largest sports market in the world. With the rise of soccer in the US we want to bring a unique, English perspective to the new venues being planned across the country.

“As a multidisciplinary practice, BDP is very focused on sustainability and we have established a research programme to create venues with lower carbon footprints and have adopted a modular approach that allows relocation and adaption as the game grows in the region.

“In addition, universities and colleges in the US provide myriad opportunities for sporting development and our experience in designing high quality, educational design, coupled with our global venue experience gives us a unique, valuable perspective on campus sports infrastructure.”