Fan Experience

São Paulo opens sensory room at Morumbi

Featured image credit: Rubens Chiri/São Paulo

Campeonato Brasileiro Série A football club São Paulo has opened a sensory room at its Morumbi stadium, with the space designed to enhance the match-going experience for fans with autism.

The space, which has been named Sala TEA + Tricolor, was inaugurated last week. It features services administered by Centro Lumi, a therapeutic and educational centre for people on the autism spectrum.

The space will feature earmuffs to block out any loud noises from the match that may prove unsettling. Trained specialists will also be on hand to provide support.

On days when the Morumbi is not hosting matches, the space will be used for treatments offered by Centro Lumi. São Paulo members will receive a discount.

São Paulo has become the first club to receive the ‘Todos Nós’ (All of Us) certification, which is awarded by Brazil’s National Association for the Inclusion of Autistic People.

Sensory rooms are becoming increasingly common at sports venues around the world as teams and operators look to provide a designated area for fans who may become overstimulated or anxious during matches.