Fan Experience

Cardinals to introduce custom-built ‘casitas’ at State Farm Stadium

Featured image credit: Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals NFL team has announced plans for new “first-of-their-kind” seating experiences at State Farm Stadium.

Custom-built, field-level casitas that have been specifically designed for State Farm Stadium will be introduced as part of plans to enhance the fan experience. The Cardinals said these seats will be the NFL equivalent of “beachfront property” as fans will be seated just feet from the south end zone.

With space for 20 guests, the two-level casitas will give fans the opportunity to watch the game from multiple locations, including a “front yard” or rooftop deck. The inside of the casitas will include large TV screens and premium food and beverage options.

State Farm Stadium will also introduce the Casita Garden Club, an exclusive 13,400-square-foot club that has the feel of an outdoor garden patio. The club will be located at the south end of field level directly behind the casitas, with the space spanning the width of the south end zone.

The Casita Garden Club will be located just feet away from the home locker room and will provide a behind-the-scenes perspective as players make their way to the field. The club will open three hours prior to the game and remain available an hour after.

Additionally, the Cardinals will introduce private four- and six-person field boxes on the east and west sidelines at the south end of the playing field. The team said that guests in these boxes will be among the first anywhere to enjoy a game from a ‘Monaco Dream Seat’, a large comfortable leather seat that is being used for the first time at any stadium worldwide.

Other upgrades will include the Morgan Athletic Club near the north end zone, which the Cardinals said will offer a throwback to a private, 1920s supper club with its “lavishly furnished” moody lounge and low lighting. Spanning 12,500 square feet, it will be available three hours before the game and one hour after.

The Cardinals will also add field suites near the 20-yard line, sideline and end zone field seats, as well as tunnel suites. The upgrades are part of a wider campaign to continually update State Farm Stadium, which opened in 2006.

Jeremy Walls, chief operating officer of the Cardinals, said: “Let me be very clear: this project is the result of specific vision and direction from Michael Bidwill (Cardinals owner and president).

“Organisation-wide, he has challenged all of us to reimagine the way we conduct business both on the field and off. To be bold and aggressive and to think in different ways to get better, to modernise, grow our business and to be stronger as an organisation. Every single person in our organisation understands that and this project grew from that vision and that direction.”

Walls added: “It’s easy to fall behind quickly. But Michael has been insistent on constantly reinvesting in improvements and enhancements and upgrades to modernise not just the building but the surrounding areas that are such an important part of the gameday experience for our fans.

“Since 2020 alone, we’ve completely re-done and upgraded our lofts and club areas. On one side of the Great Lawn, we opened the BetMGM Sportsbook – the first at an NFL stadium – and Heritage Pavilion on the other side. These are important projects to keep the fan experience at State Farm Stadium at the top of the league and Michael deserves a ton of credit for that.”