Incheon’s SK Happy Dream Park, home to the South Korean baseball franchise, SK Wyverns, has partnered with mobile carrier SK Telecom (SKT) to install an expansive 5G trial network.

The system will operate a number of services for a crowd of around 20,000 KBO League visitors slated to attend games from Friday to Sunday, the Korea Herald newspaper reports.

“We’ve prepared the 5G stadium to show how services currently hosted by LTE networks with limits can be easily serviced in much bigger capacity via 5G,” Park Ji-hyo, head of SKT’s network research and development centre, said, according to the Herald.

The full offering of SKT’s 5G network services is set to be available for the team’s fans by 2019, according to Park. It is due to go ahead after a global 5G network standard is finalised and telecom equipment companies release new chipsets in 2018.

SKT’s 5G trial network can transmit data at a speed of 20 gigabytes per second with latency below one millisecond.

To highlight its capabilities, the firm is said to be live-streaming video onto the stadium’s large display from a car that will be carrying the first pitch thrower to the mound.

In addition, a 360-virtual-reality zone will feature headsets that will be streaming live videos from eight cameras located throughout the stadium using the 5G network, offering a closer view of the game.

SKT’s sports mobile application, T Real, also allows fans to point their smartphone camera at the stadium, and then access information about the baseball players in the field at that moment.