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Optus Stadium’s water fears allayed

Fresh tests have revealed that water at Perth’s Optus Stadium is safe to drink after independent tests had suggested that fountains at the venue contained a high concentration of lead.

Tests carried out by Australian newspaper the Sunday Times at the weekend found that the concentration of lead in the fountains was 0.14 mg/L – 14 times more than the maximum amount recommended by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The tests conflicted with those carried out by the state government on February 16, which found that the lead levels were well below the maximum acceptable concentration guidelines.

Following the Times’ report, further tests have been carried out by stadium operators, which have revealed the water is indeed of a safe enough standard. A VenuesWest spokeswoman told the Australian Associated Press news agency that the new results have been shared with the Department of Health, which confirmed that the water was drinkable.

The spokeswoman said: “The test results and our investigations further conclude that the testing undertaken by the Sunday Times was in absence of the strict standards and quality controls that apply under the Australian Standard for water quality sampling.”

Optus Stadium opened last month and this week the venue will stage its biggest event yet when hosting two Ed Sheeran concerts on consecutive nights. The multi-purpose venue will also host Aussie rules, cricket and rugby matches, along with other sporting events.

Image: Samuel Wiki