Tech Stack: Oracle Park, Chelsea and more…

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Oracle Park’s WiFi 6E first

San Francisco Giants’ Oracle Park is to become the first pro sports venue to be equipped with a fully WiFi 6E-ready network through Comcast Business and Extreme Networks.

WiFi 6E will improve the connectivity experience by enabling devices to download and upload data from the internet faster and with lower latency. This means the Giants will be able to improve the fan experience inside the park to include benefits such as fast mobile ticket entry and mobile concessions while considering future innovations like AR/VR experiences and biometrics-based park entry.

The installation at Oracle Park includes approximately 900 of Extreme’s WiFi 6E access points in a combination of overhead and under-seat placements.

“We are thrilled to build upon Oracle Park’s 20-year legacy as the first sports facility to bring free WiFi to our fans, with a new network that will serve the needs of our fans and staff well into the future,” said Bill Schlough, SVP & CIO for the San Francisco Giants.

Chelsea’s brings new interactive tech

Chelsea Football Club and Tempus Ex Machina have entered into a seven-year partnership to power innovative technology enhancements for the club and its global fanbase.

Tempus Ex’s proprietary technology enables the creation of new interactive experiences around live events. It can synchronise and deliver every available piece of data generated by every data and video vendor at a live sporting event — including every video angle, stats platform, and player tracker covering every play.

Chelsea will utilise Tempus Ex’s cutting-edge technology across several club operational areas, which will include its official 5th Stand app, digital and mobile fan engagement, in-stadium fan enhancements, and sponsor activations, as well as coaching, training, player health and safety, and match preparation.

“Our fans deserve the best technology and our partnership with Tempus Ex will provide many features they have never seen before,” said Todd Boehly, co-owner and chairman of Chelsea. “We believe passionately in the opportunity we have with Tempus Ex to reshape parts of the fan experience. We’re looking forward to sharing more in the coming months.”

AEG signs parking partner

ParkHub and AEG have launched a strategic partnership to enhance the parking experience for fans while adding operational efficiencies to several AEG-owned and operated venues, including Los Angeles’ Cryptocom Arena.

The agreement makes ParkHub technology available to all three AXS ticketed venues, creating an integration between the AXS ticket purchase platform and venue parking operations.

“Parking is the guest’s first on-site point of contact for nearly every event. With some of the world’s most well-known sports and entertainment venues in our network, we place a premium on quality operations and state-of-the-art services for our fans,” said Tyler Verdery, vice-president of AEG Global Partnerships.

Celtic’s 5G boost

Celtic FC is set to boost connectivity at Celtic Park through a new 5G network provided by Onepath Systems and AMR Resources.

The MBG Holdings divisions will install the company’s Amply-5 network, as well as design a private network 5G uplink broadcast network that enables 4K quality speeds and reduced latency when compared to standard satellite broadcast.

Amply-5 is designed to amplify speed, reduce blind spots, and expand coverage with connectivity throughout crowded or complex settings like campuses and stadiums. The system provides coverage, bandwidth, and throughput. Also, Amply-5 enables private networks to lease out their bandwidth or access points for public use to carriers.

James Frinzi, chairman and CEO of MBG Holdings, said: “We’re excited to partner with the Celtic FC organisation. Through installing our innovative Amply-5 network, Celtic FC will offer improved network connectivity at Celtic Park Stadium, designed to enhance the experience for its fans, staff, commerce, sponsors, security, and broadcast professionals.”

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