NFL’s biggest end zone screen installed at Gillette Stadium

A rendering of the new end zone screen at Gillette Stadium

Featured image credit: Daktronics

Gillette Stadium has welcomed the installation of the largest outdoor end zone display in a National Football League (NFL) venue ahead of the new season.

Located in the north end zone at the home of the New England Patriots, the new curved-radius video display measures 60 ft high by 370 ft wide, totalling 22,200 sq ft.

The new Daktronics installation is capable of variable content zoning allowing it to show one large image or multiple zones of video and content to keep fans immersed in the action at Gillette Stadium, which is owned by the Kraft Group. Its convex curvature mimics the stadium’s architecture.

Just below the main video board in the north end zone is an additional ribbon board measuring 10 ft high by 214 ft wide. The end zone also features a field level outdoor display measuring 3.5 ft high by 82 ft wide on the recently announced Bud Light Celebration Beer Hall and a display in front of the newly renovated “Row of Honor” measuring 5 ft high by 30 ft wide for additional messaging opportunities.

“Daktronics has been providing our LED displays and have been a tremendous partner since we opened Gillette Stadium in 2002,” said Jim Nolan, Gillette Stadium’s chief operating officer. “Their products provide the highest resolution in the industry and the brilliant colours bring our fans closer to the action. This year’s installations, especially the addition of the nation’s largest outdoor videoboard at a sports venue, will greatly enhance the day of game experience for our fans.”

Some 24 new LED displays have been added to the venue – which is also home of the MLS’s New England Revolution – in 2023, bringing a total of 47 Daktronics LED displays and a combined 48,500 square feet of digital canvas.

As fans enter from the north, they will be welcomed to the stadium through the Ticketmaster gate featuring a canopy that measures 3.5 ft high by 163 ft wide and features a tight 5.9-millimeter pixel spacing. The “Gillette Stadium” channel lettering above the north end zone displays will also be brought to light, in conjunction with DCL (Design Communications, Ltd.), with full-colour LED modules, which can change colours and content. These channel letters measure 14 ft high by 108 ft wide.

“Gillette Stadium continues its strong commitment to the overall fan experience by continually improving technology at its facility, including new LED displays installed over the past few seasons and a massive end zone video display that was installed this year,” said Reece Kurtenbach, Daktronics’ president and chief executive. “Their team is fantastic to work with and we’re proud to continue our longstanding partnership with the Kraft Group.”