Fan Experience

Aura robots to meet guests at Vegas’ new Sphere venue

Featured image credit: Sphere Entertainment

The soon-to-open Sphere venue in Las Vegas will feature its own humanoid robot in the shape of Aura, a ‘spokesbot’ that will interact with guests.

Dubbed the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, Aura will serve as a key part of the fan experience at the Sphere, which is scheduled to open on September 29. Five Aura robots will greet guests from the moment they enter the Sphere.

Aura will operate alongside human lab technicians and will serve as a link between the arena’s technological achievements and the human experience. The robots will be specifically programmed to tell the story of humanity’s history of innovation, with Aura’s technical capabilities to advance over time as it learns more about humans through interactions with guests.

David Dibble, chief executive of MSG Ventures, a division of Sphere Entertainment, said: “Aura’s role at Sphere marks a truly innovative application of robots, providing guests from around the globe with an opportunity to move into the future of entertainment and interact within a new technological frontier.

“Our vision with every aspect of Sphere is to transform the way people experience live events, and with Aura we are pushing the boundaries of how robotics can be used to enhance our guests’ journey through the venue.”

Aura will be able to answer complex questions about the engineering, technology and creative vision of the Sphere, as well as queries for directions within the venue and details on each day’s performances. Aura will also serve as a brand ambassador for the venue across digital platforms and social channels.

The 18,600-capacity Sphere has cost $2.3bn (£1.9bn/€2.2bn) to build and will be operated by Sphere Entertainment. The Las Vegas facility is the first of several planned Sphere venues around the world and was lit up for the first time in July.