Sepang International Circuit seeks to boost profile through Petronas deal

SIC hosts MotoGP’s 2022 Grand Prix of Malaysia

Featured image credit: Sepang International Circuit

SIC hosts MotoGP’s 2022 Grand Prix of Malaysia

Featured image credit: Sepang International Circuit

Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit (SIC) has entered into a wide-ranging partnership with Petronas through which the oil and gas giant will become the first naming rights partner of the motorsport facility.

The three-year contract, which renames the venue as the Petronas Sepang International Circuit, has been announced ahead of the staging of the main annual event on its calendar, MotoGP’s Grand Prix of Malaysia on November 10-12.

Located in Sepang, a district located in the southern part of the state of Selangor, the SIC opened in 1999 to stage Formula 1’s inaugural Malaysian Grand Prix. The race was held on annual basis through to 2017, while the SIC also staged a round of the Superbike World Championship between 2014 and 2016.

Petronas, a Malaysian company, has a major presence in international motorsport, with the two parties stating that the naming rights deal has the broader goal of further elevating the stature of Malaysia as a destination for sports and entertainment.

Azhan Shafriman Hanif, CEO of Sepang International Circuit, said: “I believe that this partnership will have more impact to the racing landscape, and more brands will take advantage of the added value for their businesses and customers on the association of SIC and Petronas.

“As one of the industry leaders in motorsports through its engagements in Formula 1 and MotoGP, this shall open doors to new opportunities to host more world class events at our world class venue.”

Datin Anita Azrina Abdul Aziz, Petronas’ senior general manager of group strategic relations and communications, added: “Petronas is honoured to embark into this partnership, an investment that represents the pinnacle of our long-standing relationship and we are committed to supporting the growth and development of the sports and entertainment industry in Malaysia and beyond.

“This partnership goes beyond just naming rights – it signifies our dedication to promoting world-class events, fostering talent development, and showcasing our nation’s capabilities on a global stage.”