ARound, Immersal team up on stadium AR venture

Featured image credit: Los Angeles Rams

Featured image credit: Los Angeles Rams

Next-generation fan engagement platform ARound has partnered with spatial computing and augmented reality (AR) localisation technology firm Immersal to develop innovative AR experiences for venues worldwide.

The partnership will result in the creation of a turnkey WebAR solution for augmented reality within stadiums. It is hoped the agreement will facilitate easier integration of shared AR experiences for teams, venues and events.

ARound and Immersal are set to announce their first collaboration with a major sports league next month.

ARound’s shared AR technology has already been used by Major League Baseball’s Minnesota Twins and Kansas City Royals, the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams (pictured) and the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

The new partnership will combine ARound’s technology with Immersal’s visual positioning system, which creates centimetre-accurate, large-scale indoor and outdoor AR experiences. ARound said the deal will enable brands and sponsors to connect with audiences in new ways.

Josh Beatty, founder and chief executive of ARound, said: “This partnership is a game-changer in the world of sports and live entertainment as we collaborate to make stadium AR experiences more accessible and ubiquitous to all fans and types of events.

“By integrating our fan engagement platform with Immersal’s robust localisation technology, we can seamlessly create dynamic digital experiences that put fans at the centre of the action while scaling to new audiences around the world.”

Matias Koski, chief executive of Immersal, added: “We’re committed to innovating and enhancing AR experiences at live events and our technology, combined with ARound’s exciting platform, will set a new benchmark in how fans interact with live sports and entertainment, offering them an engaging and memorable experience like never before.”